Monday, 25 January 2010

New Tilapia tank system installed.

The way I first came to be interested in Tilapia is when I built a duck Pond I figured, lets have ducks on the surface and Tilapia under the surface. Great in theory, exept the ducks made the water very dirty and I was concerned that the few Tilapia I had chucked in would either die from the toxic water or from being eaten by the ducks.

Old tanks: reclaimed industrial waste.

So I thought lets try tanks rather. This arrangement worked much better for me. I could see the fish and not just hope that they were under the surface somewhere. I used two 1 KL tanks, with a 200 l tank filled with sand as a filtration system. I pumped the water our from one of the tanks with a 100 watt pump I bought from the aquarium shop. I linked the tanks together with a syphon system made of swimming pool vacuum hose. It seemed to work OK, the water stayed clear and there was enough oxygen in the water (I could tell because they were not gulping at the surface)

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