Monday, 17 March 2014

Pebblespring Farm

In a family meeting last night we agreed on the name for the farm.... "Pebblespring"

The name, "Pebblespring farm" is a nod to the Khoisan and what they called "Kragga Kamma" lake. The surrounding area that is named "Kragga Kamma" after this lake. One of the streams that feeds the Kragga Kamma lake has as its source the spring on the eastern boundary of our property.
The most reliable source we can find (Margret Harrodene) records the Khoisan translation for Kragga Kamma as being "pebbly waters". Our spring is at the source of a little river that feeds the "Pebbly Waters" so we called the spring "Pebble Spring" and the farm Pebblespring Farm. I love it! The name talks to the fact that this property would have been a centre of human habitation for a very long time before the dutch arrived an called it Goedmoedsfontein, in itself a beautiful name meaning "Spring of Wellness and Contentment".
The collapsed wall is being replaced down to the foundations
In other news, the builders started today on the maintenance and repairs to the shop and cottage. All work is proceeding in accordance with a heritage permit received from the Provincial Heritage Resources Agency. (which by the way required us to do work by June this year.)

I am also glad that the truck made it up the new (still very bumpy) driveway.

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